Volvo PV544 Rare 444 California - Restoration project


Algemene gegevens

  • Staat voertuig : Tweedehands
  • Eerste inschrijving : 05/1956
  • Kilometerstand : 17.244 km
  • Brandstof : Benzine
  • Versnellingsbak : Manueel
  • Vermogen : 50 PK | 37 KW
  • Cylinderinhoud : 1400
  • Aantal cilinders : 4
  • Referentie van de advertentie : bdafd27b-8726-44f6-ba44-e290096bd0c0
  • Gewicht : -
  • CO2 uitstoot : -
  • Emissieklasse : -
  • Carroserie : Coupe
  • Kleur : Wit
  • Aantal deuren : 2
  • Beschadigde auto : Neen
  • Techn. controle tot : -
  • Car-Pass : Neen


In the 50’s Volvo wanted to conquer the US market and for there introduction on this very competitive market they developed a very attractive car, the California. A Volvo PV444 painted in a new shade of white “California white” in combination with a very special two-tone yellow and black interior in plastic/vynil with nice chrome details and mouldings. Also the dash got a special threatment with many parts such as the steering wheel, heating system, etc finished in black instead of the standard grey beige. This was the car that had to introduce Volvo in the US and put Volvo on the map, which it also did succesfully. A very unique and attractive car that made the differnce.

Especially for there home market Sweden they made around 130 of these “California” PV’s. These cars were made in Modelyear 1956, with the typical “ear” front grille and in Modelyear 1957 the last year of the PV444 production before it was succeeded by the more modern PV544. For the domestic market they had the single carburated engine and the standard bumpers, without the US overriders (obligated for US safety regulations).

Only a handfull of these rare cars have servived and all of these are now pampered by collectors. It’s very uncommon that such a car comes to the market.

This particular car, with an extremely original and rustfree body, chassis and floor was already pampered early in it’s life due to it’s rareness. A swedish collector started the renovation, but he never finished it completely and sold it in the 90’s to a Belgian PV collector. This guy kept the car for more than 20 years, but due to also having to many cars and projects he never finished it either. It took me quite some time and effort to get a hold of the car.
Actually the car is untouched for many years and needs a new passionate owner to give it back the glory it deserves. The body is extremely solid, the interior (seats/panels) is complete and as new. All the unique and essential parts are there, but some minor, easy to replace parts, such as some bumper parts are missing. Mechanically it’s complete but not running, although the engine is moving free. The car has been in dry storage for at least 40 years now
At the moment I’ve several cars undergoing a full restoration and this is the only reason that I’m considering to sell this rare and unique Volvo that took me so long to get it and that I’ll probbaly never find again…

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Volvo PV544 Rare 444 California - Restoration project


Rare 444 California - Restoration project

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