Gocar data

Gocar DATA, the solution for automotive professionals

The most exhaustive database on the market

  • More than 11 million cars listed. If a vehicle is published online, it is there!
  • Gocar DATA allows you to find out at what price to buy a vehicle for your used car stock.
  • Determine the right resale price for your cars based on the condition, finish, and mileage of your vehicles, but also based on the country of resale.
  • Find out exactly which vehicles sell best and when to resell them.
Gocar data screen

Discover Fastlane Access

But how do you find the right used car? It's harder than ever for professionals to find cars to fill their used car inventory. Thanks to Fastlane Access, you can overtake everyone!


In real time

An indispensable tool to be the first to be alerted of all the publications of the cars you are looking for, almost in real time.


Customized filters

Use multiple, combinable and customizable filters to find the vehicles you need for your stock!


25 international markets

Vehicles from all Belgian classifieds sites and from more than 25 international markets.

An analysis of the market and your competitors

  • In addition to being constantly aware of the new cars published that match your criteria, Gocar DATA provides you with the "market prices" of the vehicles, as well as the average sale time of the vehicles.
  • You also have access to a complete analysis of your competitors.
Gocar data screen

A single source for the entire market

  • There is no need to manually search several sources, Gocar DATA automatically groups them all together based on your search criteria.

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