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Follow these basic tips to post your car ad in just a few minutes!

  • Take good photos of the interior and exterior
  • Enter the vehicle's data
  • Write your description as complete as possible
  • Don't leave out any legal information
  • Determine your selling price

The technical inspection

In addition to these basic tips, here are some additional details that are important, and in some cases essential.

Thinking of selling your car? Then you'll need to start by passing the car's technical inspection, which will provide you with a series of essential legal documents, which you'll need to provide to the future buyer. Here they are:


Inspection certificate


Second-hand report




Registration application form

You will also need to give your future buyer the following documents:

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Maintenance booklet
  • Original sales invoice
  • Certificate of LPG installation if the vehicle is equipped with one

Good pictures and a good clean

Once the technical inspection has been completed, your car is ready to be sold. So to get good photos of the interior and exterior, nothing beats a good clean and tidy. This will give you an advantage over others, and won't force the potential buyer to ask you too many questions. A clear and accurate ad will save time for both the buyer and you, the seller.

Determining the selling price

Determining a selling price is not a random process. To establish your price, take the time to consult ads for vehicles similar to yours, in terms of model, options, mileage and general condition. These are all factors that will influence the selling price of your car.


Selling your car faster? It is possible

You want to sell your car even faster? We can boost your ad for just a few euros. Give your ad a prominent place in the list of ads, or make it stand out with a colored frame. You can even combine the two! You can also give it a boost on social networks.

  • Pole position
  • Best of
  • Colors
  • Facebook

You will find this option in your profile once you have completed your ad

Take advantage of selling your car for free, and place your ad now! Thousands of buyers are waiting for you.

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