How to sell your vehicle?

How to sell your vehicle?

Are you thinking of selling your car? Whether it’s because you’re going to buy a new vehicle, because you’re switching to a company car, or because you’re choosing for another mobility, selling your car more or less quickly can be a challenge.

Whether you are selling your car to a private individual or to a professional, here are some tips that could help you sell your car better.

Private individual or professional? 

If you want to make it easier or quicker, and if you are buying a new car, you can sell your car directly to the dealer from whom you plan to buy your new vehicle. They will give you a trade-in price, which is usually deducted from the total price of the new vehicle you plan to purchase.

You can also sell your vehicle to a dealer who specializes in used vehicles. In both cases, you will not be required to take the vehicle you wish to sell through the inspection test. However, the trade-in price will usually be lower than if you sell your car yourself, but it will take longer and involve more paperwork.

If you decide to sell your car yourself, you will have to pass the technical inspection for sale, also called second-hand technical control. Once the technical inspection for sale is validated, you will receive the inspection certificate, the second-hand report, as well as the Car-Pass, an official document containing the mileage history of the vehicle, and the registration application form which is valid for two months. All these documents must be given to the future buyer. You will also have to hand over the certificate of conformity, the maintenance booklet, the original sales invoice and a certificate for the LPG installation, if the vehicle is equipped with one.

Estimating the selling price

The selling price of your vehicle is a determining factor, if not the most important factor. But how do you determine the price of your vehicle? Based on its brand, age, general condition, number of kilometers, options, engine, color,… its price will vary. You can start by consulting the ads that correspond to the same characteristics as your car, to help you estimate your price.

Place your ad

Once your selling price is estimated, you can proceed to place your ad on via our tool and this for free. In a few moments, simply put your vehicle online for free. Your ad will be your business card, the more attractive it is, the more chances you will have to sell your car. That’s why the photos and description of your ad are so important. Also take pictures of the interior and the odometer. Be as complete as possible. Don’t leave any doubt.

Your ad must, by law, contain condition, mileage, contact information, equipment list (standard and optional), service history, exact make and model, year of manufacture and chassis number.

You are contacted about your vehicle.

Your ad is published, and you are contacted by a potential buyer. Be careful about the time and place of the appointment. Be aware that in general, used car prices are negotiated, so you will often come out with a price lower than the selling price indicated on the ad.

Once you have agreed on the selling price, avoid paying in cash, or have something to check the authenticity of the bills. Moreover, it is forbidden to pay in cash an amount of more than 3000€. It is better to pay by bank transfer. Finally, complete the sale by drawing up a sales contract containing the details of each party.

Are you ready to put your vehicle up for sale? Start by putting it on line on for free, and in a few minutes only!