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Launched 5 years ago, Gocar.be is a subsidiary of the Rossel and Roularta Groups, and is an integral part of CTR Media SA.
Brussels. Gocar.be is an online platform for selling vehicles and is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

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The site currently counts more than 13.000 new cars in stock and 45.000 used cars. Every day, more than 100.000 visitors visit this platform.

Gocar.be wants to offer an easy solution to users who are looking for a vehicle or dealers who want to present their stock to a wide and varied audience. Using simple and intuitive search criteria, users can search for their dream car and contact the nearest dealers who have the desired vehicle in stock. Gocar.be offers services to facilitate the purchase or sale of cars and offers articles and advice on cars and mobility in general. 

So don't wait any longer and take a look at our website.

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Wim Moyson

Wim Moyson

Head regional sales manager + outside Belgium

Kevin Ertveldt

Kevin Ertveldt

##Délégué commercial Brabant Wallon / Hainaut

Gilles Ista

Gilles Ista

##Délégué commercial Liege / Namur / Luxembourg

Jonas Meere

Jonas Meere

##Délégué commercial Anvers / Brabant flamand

Steven Chabert

Steven Chabert

##Délégué commercial Limbourg / Brabant flamand

Patrick Vercauteren

Patrick Vercauteren

##Délégué commercial Flandre occidentale et orientale


##Prenez contact avec notre délégué national

Eric Vanderdonck

Eric Vanderdonck

National sales manager